Our pool of consultants

  • Systemic coaches, business coaches
  • Experts of communication
  • Facilitators
  • Mediators and explanation assistants focused on large groups, participation processes, hospitals and clinics, economy (different branches), administration, ministries, unions and employee organization, construction, inheritance cases, family succession and family strategies, engineers and insurances.
  • Chief negotiators specified on negotiations with staffing / between companies / in the background
  • Seminar facilitators with different specifications, among others conflict management, communication, process development, team building, self-management
  • Facilitators with specifications of project development, change management, team development, restructuring, insolvencies

All mediators employed by CONSENSUS fulfil the requirements from the outline of a new ordinance concerning the (further) education of certified mediators that has not yet gone into effect. All other consultants also dispose of provable and acknowledged qualifications.