CONSENSUS offers a range of solution approaches to resolve and analyze the efficiency of internal and external organization-conflicts.

When do conflicts occur?

Conflicts may occur:

  • In processes of change
  • Because of diverging interests and starting situations (conflicts of interest)
  • In questions about the distribution of resources
  • Because of diverging ideologies
  • Because of different personal ideas and tendencies

Where do conflicts occur?

In an operational context, conflicts often occur at points of intersection. This means that conflicts happen among teams, departments, business units and between different locations. Tensions come up everywhere where people work together, exchange their views and spend a lot of time together. Those tensions disturb the process of productive and almost frictionless working.
Conflicts within the company often arise from upcoming processes of change and, as a consequence thereof, uncertainties and changeovers of the working environment (as with change processes, new hires or changes of leadership).