How we work

At first, we do a conflict analysis. It is important to find out about the kind on conflict we have on hand, about who is directly and indirectly involved, about what’s the management’s purpose and about which methods are useful for the conflict’s resolution. We talk about this analysis of the current situation and determine the next steps together. If requested, we put a number on the costs caused by the conflict in order to find out about efficiency potentials.

Sometimes it is useful to combine different methods and to collaborate with teams for longer periods in order to make them fully functional again. It may also be true that a state of conflict is undiagnosed and that we recommend you to improve your situation by practicing some of the many options that are possible.

Many options are possible.

After making the diagnosis, we determine an appropriate expert for the selected method. Or, if necessary, even a whole team. The team agrees on the measures‘ contents and on the process of further cooperation. We support you until the required effectiveness is restored.

Our experts are specialists with considerable experience in their fields. We place value on a profound education and work experience. Due to constant quality management, we can improve the individual’s/experts‘ work and check on the sustainability of the results we achieve.

All mediators employed by CONSENSUS fulfil the requirements from the outline of a new ordinance concerning the (further) education of certified mediators that has not yet gone into effect. All other consultants also dispose of provable and acknowledged qualifications.

Various tasks require different competences and experts for special issues or experts with a special knowledge of the industry are in great demand. That’s why we dispose of a pool of freelance consultants from Germany and its surrounding countries.