Agile leadership-from manager to executive

From Manager to Executive

from manager to executive – leading with methods of strategic mediation.

Führungskräfte in hierarchical corporate structures changing more and more have to deal with different interests.
It is therefore increasingly important to find solutions to conflicts beyond formal power. Because leading means transforming conflicts into solutions.
In order to constructively transform conflicting interests into successful economic solutions, these must first be identified.This is only possible with appropriate competences. Differences in the behaviour of those affected must be understood. A psychological understanding of group dynamics and individual decision-making as well as resource-oriented communication is necessary. These must be learned and practiced. A strictly structured discussion process - mediation - is the most suitable and internationally recognised method to generate added value for your company from conflicts.
With mediation, solutions can be found without the use of power and hierarchy. Its aim is to take all different opinions and interests into account in the best possible way. Only on this basis can sustainable solutions be developed. We train managers to become executives in a comprehensive and sustainable training course in "strategic mediation and conflict management". Further information s.