Agile Organisation – New Work

Agile Companies – Challenge and Opportunity at the same time

There is talk of radical change in the world of work, a new age of cooperation, industry 4.0, disruption or New Work.

Even if one may not consider the developments quite so apocalyptically, one thing is certain: in an increasingly networked world, which is characterized by advancing digitalization and increased development speed of new products and services, agile innovation culture in organizations becomes significant.personalentwicklung

Consensus accompanies

organisations from the group to the start-up phase to positively shape the digital transformation and to maintain and improve their own competitiveness.

Design Thinking is an approach that comes from the creative field and is more than just a method: It is a mindset and offers new solutions for how we will learn and work together in the future in an increasingly networked world.

The role of the executive and the methods of leadership change fundamentally in an agile environment. Digitales Leadership and from Managers to Executives are just two of many buzzwords. New leadership methods and reflected leaders are more in demand than ever.