Conflict Management



Conflict Management

Mediation is a structured, voluntary procedure in order to compound a conflict constructively. Aim is that the parties – with the help of a neutral third person, the mediator…… Details


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution is way of compounding conflicts characterized by Christoph Thomann and Schulz von Thun. This method works well for cases in which a conflict affects different hierarchical levels.…… Details



Conflict Management

Rational negotiating in the presence of a third person is the opposite of vague bargaining such as we do on a bazaar. The negotiation proceeds well-structured and aims for…… Details



Conflict Management

Facilitation can support people in different situations: in upcoming or running changes, in projects with complicated conditions or in troubled projects. Aim is to bring about changes without too…… Details



Conflict Management

Moderation can be applied when people want or need to communicate with each other and when this conversation has to be conducted in a structured manner. That may be…… Details


Participation Processes

Conflict Management

Participation Processes are relevant when a company plans something that is useful for the company itself but the announcement of this plan could upset third parties or they could…… Details