Mediation is a structured, voluntary procedure in order to compound a conflict constructively. Aim is that the parties – with the help of a neutral third person, the mediator – develop a universally acceptable solution by negotiating and agree upon this solution bindingly. Mediation can be conducted between to individuals or even in large participation processes. People have mutual interests – even if a long-term, hardened conflict stands between them. But those mutual interests faded into the background because of an overemphasis of the dissonance. In mediation, communication and interrelation are encouraged by a structured and decent negotiation process. We aim at a balance of interests between the opposing parties. The solution is a gain of benefits for both parties. A precise agreement often results in pleasant peace and an increase of efficiency.

Key Data

  • Field of application: external
  • In conflicts
  • Target group: employees / managers / conflicts with other companies / conflicts with third parties