Cost of Conflict

CONSENSUS Consulting Service: „Conflict Analysis“
Conflicts which have reached a specific level of escalation normally don’t cool off by themselves. Instead, they increase in fierceness and impact. One could talk about an emerging conflict-aura which involves more and more people over time. A conflict that originated between two colleagues can affect a whole team or even a whole department.
Managers often cannot tell where the conflict originated and who is involved in it in which way. Conflicts can be temperamental, the involved parties argue publicly (hot conflicts), or they can pass off in silence (cold conflicts). Both types may escalate and have a devastating effect on an organization. Cold conflicts are often denied by those who are involved and so they cannot be identified.
We assist you in finding out,
  • where conflicts occur within your team, the department or the organization
  • on which level of escalation you are situated
  • how much you have to spend on the resolvement of existing conflicts
  • which further dynamics are to be expected
We also give an outline of recommended solution methods. Thereby we distinguish between „functional conflicts“ and „dysfunctional conflicts“. Functional conflicts can be interesting for companies, because they support the internal competition and initiate processes of change. Dysfunctional conflicts can result in a decrease of the company’s creation of value due to processes which are taking longer than expected, costing more, being repeated, annoying customers. Employees who don’t feel comfortable and don’t like their job will rebel subtly or openly.
We use different methodical instruments: we do employee surveys (anonymously by use of questionnaires), conduct interviews with employees, evaluate organizational structures and observe dynamics of teamwork. At the end, we will discuss mutually about the appropriate method for you – thereby we will consider all interests.