Design Thinking

Design Thinking- von der Methode zum Mindset

Method for agile organisations.

What is behind the term “Design Thinking”?
To what extent can I use “Design Thinking” as the basis for a culture of innovation in our company?

Design Thinking is a structured process that systematically enables user-centric innovation. The development process is interactive and includes a customer-centric view. In our workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of

– how “Design Thinking” works (backgrounds and learning and understanding the 6 process steps)
– Application in one’s own area (the method is worked out in a case from one’s own codex)
– Shaping and promoting participation

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to internalise the principle of user-centred thinking for themselves and have developed a roadmap for using “design thinking” in everyday work.