Negotiation and negotiation skills for managers and employees

“Nothing is more practical than a good theory”

(Kurt Lewin)

Negotiating is nothing more than weighing up different interests and arriving at a solution which, at best, is satisfactory for all concerned. As simple as this sounds in theory, it can be difficult in a concrete situation to keep track of the situation, to understand the other person, not to let oneself be manipulated and to be aware of one’s own goals and interests.

As a leader, you have to negotiate constantly with your employees and superiors, with customers and partners. We accompany you by offering training on negotiation methods and strategies, coaching you personally on this topic, accompanying you in the background during difficult negotiations, preparing negotiations as a sparring partner or conducting negotiations for you.

We offer different negotiation methods.

A very popular and often booked method with our customers is the GRASP negotiation according to Melanie Billings-Yun. Our consensus trainer Birgit Hauser teaches the method and has also written a book about it:

Sovereign negotiate at eye level” 

The art of negotiating successfully and winning others over has now become a key qualification for anyone who wants to climb the career ladder.

Negotiating is more than just making a good deal. Negotiating is the art of convincing others. Successful negotiators consistently look for solutions that are attractive to both sides. AND they win – strategically clever – through long-term profitable business relationships. The more hierarchies become fluid and the more work is done in the most diverse project structures, the more important it is to integrate all those involved.

5 GRASP steps to successful negotiations


You know and understand the goals of all parties involved, even beyond the current negotiations.


They consistently develop options that bring maximum benefit to all parties. You answer the question


They promote trust and fairness with valid arguments – “because it works wonders”.


They develop attractive alternatives at an early stage. If the best solution is not achievable, there is still the second best.


You convince with a communication style that is adapted to your interlocutor. You will acquire in-depth knowledge of the negotiation typologies so that you can assess your interlocutors in the best possible way and derive maximum benefit from them.

Further contents

Newton’s 3rd law in the context of negotiation, Self Assessment: dealing with resistance,

set “Price-Anchors”, 4 pillar negotiation foundation, convincing negotiation and

Communication, “because it works wonders”, argumentation techniques, negotiation typologies, negotiation parachute, humour in negotiations, “crisp” case studies, avoiding compromises, expression and body language, influence / impact of emotions, irrational behaviour in negotiation situations



Ø Exciting practical exercises

Ø Theoretical inputs (limited to a necessary minimum) and casuistry

Ø Interactive Discussion, Deep Learning Questions

Ø Flip Moving, group exercises, expert hotline

Ø Group dynamic intervention and impulse giving detailed feedback


The Workshop Book

The Fairness Factor – the secrets of successful negotiation  by Birgit Hauser and Henning Beck, now available in stores.