Conflict management and mediation in teams, companies and organizations

Negotiation processes occur wherever people live and work together. These cannot always be clarified by those involved themselves. Internal organizational conflicts arise in the team, among colleagues, between managers and employees, between departments, employee representatives with management, etc. Or external conflicts: between two organizations (e.g. supplier relationship), organization with authorities or citizens.

Resolve conflicts

Typical conflict situations in teams, companies and organizations

Team mediation

Conflicts in the team have a drastic effect on the mood and efficiency of employees. Unresolved conflicts can lead to illness, dismissal and bullying. Often the conflicts draw circles and spread to other departments or customers. Clarification is strongly recommended to avoid further harm.

Business mediation

A typical economic conflict is deviations from agreements in supply chains. They look back on long-term business relationships and would like to do business with each other in the future. In addition, court proceedings are too expensive, too lengthy and the outcome is uncertain. In this case, mediation is a good way to resolve the conflict quickly, cheaply and amicably.

Mediation in organizations

At the shareholder level of a family company, there have been different opinions between old and new shareholders about the strategic direction for some time. The conflicts ripple down to the employees, causing irritation and insecurity. Mediation brings clarification on a factual level and considers e.g. also the family connection of the shareholders.

How does mediation work in the company?

Different conflict resolution concepts are used depending on the size, conflict and target group. They are based on a clarification of interests and aim to find a solution on the real level and thereby stabilize the relationship between those involved for the future. The process also promotes the future handling of conflicts. A team that has successfully carried out mediation will deal differently with its conflicts in the future.

Different conflicts and target groups require different experts and skills. Our mediators have a legal, psychological, communication science or business management background, depending on the task, suitable mediators who have many years of experience and are experts in the field will be suggested to you.

Why you should choose conflict resolution

Postponed conflicts in organizations and companies have drastic effects. This is evident from many studies. Loss of efficiency, termination, damage to image or financial loss are just a few of them. Mediation is a comparatively inexpensive procedure that is suitable when quick and sustainable solutions are required. It stabilizes the relationships, the participants learn how to deal constructively with conflicts. Mediations in business have an agreement rate of over 80%.

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