Personnel and team development

CONSENSUS personnel development is aimed at executives, employees, artists, athletes and individuals and sees itself as a source of inspiration. People are the most important pillars of any organisation. We build on the strengths of individuals and teams and mobilise potential. Only if people feel respected and valued, they are prepared to contribute their skills and services and to develop the organisation in a future-oriented and creative way.

In strategic personnel development, work with managers and employees is geared to the corporate strategy. Guiding principles are developed, goals and plans are aligned with the structure and processes of the organisation and reflected on issues such as knowledge, attitudes, cooperation and conflict resolution. It ranges from performance management to employees and team development to potential analyses.

CONSENSUS provides concrete knowledge in various questions and leadership challenges of everyday work and supports managers, teams and individuals in making the right decisions, improving communication, developing their own leadership style and clarifying important issues.

CONSENSUS attaches great importance to linking management and employee development programs as closely as possible with the practice of the respective managers and employees.

If wished-for, all our CONSENSUS interventions in organisations can be evaluated for their effectiveness in the short, medium and long term. We have our own statistics and methods team (Research) for this purpose, most of whom come from the university environment and are highly trained in statistics.

CONSENSUS also consciously addresses target groups that do not operate in office and typical company structures. We work in different ways with clubs, musicians, in the work area and with young people.