Performance Management

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – When performance counts

Successful performance management enables willingness and ability to perform at all levels in organisations. Especially in manufacturing industries or hospitals, high performance, its planning and measurement are important: competition, performance and time pressure determine everyday life. Performance is partly covered by case numbers, some organisations also use instruments such as the Balanced Scorecard. However, organisation-wide performance management is much more than that. With this intervention you feel secure in the strategic and operational approach to more performance in the company.

Our service:


  • An Overview of Performance Management: Purpose, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tailor-made ideas for the strategic anchoring of Performance Management in your organisation: Joint development of an overall process for Performance Management
  • Classical, quantitative methods of performance management such as – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Balanced Scorecard – Talent Management
  • New, qualitative methods such as – Performance-oriented and appreciative employee appraisals – From philanthropy to CSR – Supervision in dealing with low performers
  • Target group: Decision-makers in companies, clinics and other organisations, personnel developers
  • Methods: Consulting, supervision and coaching, method training