Leadership development – for junior staff and professionals

„Manangement is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.“  

(Peter Drucker)






In today’s challenge of industry 4.0, agile companies and flat project structures, it is a question of training people not as managers but as executives. Executives lead. They’re captains sitting in a boat with the crew.

In the development of leadership personalities, competencies are required such as: clear and empathic communication, conflict recognition and resolution, intercultural and generational understanding, the basic psychological understanding of the behaviour of individuals and groups and whether they can, for example, motivate the team to be creative.

Also, topics such as self-reflection, resilience, work-life balance. Last but not least, the development of executives is about the corporate culture in which they are embedded and how their own values and ideas about dealing with other people and myself fit in with them.

Consensus offers programmes for junior executives – these are developed and further developed together with the company according to industry and requirements.

A USP of the Consensus Leadership Training is the Leadership Training, which concludes with the certificate „Business Mediator“.

The manager receives comprehensive training that qualifies him or her to assume higher management responsibilities and to train in all relevant areas of leadership competence. The certified business mediator has a high reputation and is very positively evaluated by HR departments in career decisions. The employer benefits in two ways: through a well-trained manager and a „conflict controller“ among the employees. Conflict controllers are employees who are familiar with the recognition and resolution of conflicts and therefore act as conflict prophylactics and have a positive influence on corporate culture. Here you will find detailed information about the training.

Executives who have completed this training say afterwards, for example

I think it is great that I can now use a practical instrument for conflict resolution.
Andrea Grimm, TEKON Prüftechnik

What I have learned helps me to solve and manage conflicts in my work.
Philipp Späth, Dres & Sommer

Various offers in the modules, well explained, so that I let a lot flow into my work.
Roti Konca, Leiterin Gleichstellungsbüro Uni Hohenheim