Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Badura

Scientific Director

Professor Dr. Bernhard Badura is a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Bielefeld University, which he co-founded

He has researched and taught at numerous universities, including the University of Konstanz, Harvard University, the Universities of Graz and Zurich. Before moving to Bielefeld University, he was director of the Institute for Sociology at the Technical University of Berlin. His main areas of research are company diagnostics and the principles of cooperation. As the scientific director of CONSENSUS, he mainly works in the area of the attendance improvement program, risk analysis and other employee surveys

Prof. Dr. Ewald Krainz

Scientific director of mediation training

Doctorate in psychology, habilitation on “The Morphology of the Social World”, then professor for group dynamics and organizational development at the University of Klagenfurt; Teaching at several universities, corporate universities and free educational institutions; Conception and management of numerous curricula;
Development of the scientific center of the Austrian group dynamics network, foundation of the “Klagenfurt School of Group and Organizational Dynamics”

Author and editor of numerous books, magazines and articles on the topics of project management, conflict management and mediation, leadership, team development, group and organizational dynamics, consulting, cultural anthropology;

Many years of global activity as a trainer, consultant and researcher in various fields and with various organizations and groups of people on problems related to the above-mentioned topics, both in metropolises of the capitalist and in regions of the non-capitalist world.

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